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When it comes to Team Building events and activities, there are lots of options. But, have you ever thought about an Improv Team Building event?


When you hire The Comedy Arena for your Team Building event, it means you’re working with a company that will takes care of all of the logistics, will ensure your companies’ culture, goals and objectives are met and will help you be successful every step of the way.

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Our corporate team building training programs focus on core competencies most need to succeed in today’s business environment. Our dynamic professional trainers and facilitators know exactly how to dial up the engagement and can tailor any program to help you get the most out of your training.


We understand how to energize groups after a long day of meetings and breakouts. We’re available to do multiple events in a day, and shaking things up with some energetic workshops may be the jolt that brings your group together. Conferences, professional associations, departments, divisions, and work groups – we’ve brought them together with a ton of laughter and energy.

Our Team Building events fit your plans, not the other way around.  Here are just a few of our offerings to get your Teams revitalized and more productive.


1) Energize Employees with Applied Improv Team Building

Our Applied Improv workshop enables teamwork, humor, creative collaboration, and effective communication. We’ll energize, educate, and entertain participants while coaching teamwork principles and effective communication strategies.


Fueled by our corporate training and coaching backgrounds, our Applied Improv fun team building exercise incorporates exercises, activities, and games from the world of improvisation and acting to create an interactive experience that encourages participants to let go of expectations and egos while harnessing the power of play.


2) High-Energy, Laughter-Filled Corporate Team-Building Improv Workshop

Improv may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the workplace and skills associated with being a well-rounded and productive employee, but surprisingly, many of the skills that you take away from an Improv corporate team building workshop can be directly correlated with having a productive work environment and meaningful relationships with colleagues.

The Improv corporate team building workshop for employees will teach you vital, soft business skills that they don’t teach in an MBA program: focus, trust, proactive listening, making each other look good, being present, and living in the moment. These are the essential, yet often overlooked or discarded, communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work, home, and social relationships. Improv is proven to bring teams closer together because it requires people to experience and learn new things, participate fully, and share a tremendous amount of laughter. 


3) ComedySportz: The Clean, Custom Improv Comedy Show for All Audiences

At a ComedySportz Improv Comedy show, we take suggestions from the audience about your group and your interests and then weave that information into the fast-paced scenes and games we play. Our Referee makes
certain that the content is all about you. It’s all improvised comedy on the spot, so it’s a lot more fun than a “scripted” show.



Need something out of the ordinary? Just ask!

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