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Corporate Training and Team Building
For Teams, Leaders, Companies, Professionals and Organizations

Who Are We?

With decades of experience as professional improvisers, trained in planning and delivering the best team building events for our clients. Our aim is to make our clients look good when they make the decision to hire us. We help ensure the right experience comes through loud and clear while all participants are having a great time.


Who Are Our Facilitators?

Our Facilitators are not only passionate and innovative improvisers with thousands of improvising hours under their belt, they’re also hand picked based on our clients’ needs. They have the ability to be supportive, build bridges and turn those "that was a cool moment" during the team building activity into moments that matter and leave lasting impressions that lasts way beyond the team building event. They understand what it’s like to be a Leader, a Team Member and even a Team Building participant.


Who Are Our Clients That Hire & Trust Us?

We tend to cater to those organizations that embrace the notion that even among the most successful teams, there’s always room for healthy improvement. Past clients include Southwest Airlines, Frito Lay and Toyota, as well as Small to medium size businesses, Faith Based Organizations, and Non-profits.


What’s The Process?

You have enough to deal with so we’ve made our process super simple and transparent. Whether your event is for 10 or 1,200, we’re with you every step of the way to take care of everything along the way:

  • We get to know you and your goals (and your budget).

  • We tailor your event for you and your Teams, ensuring your company culture is embraced

  • We choose our best people who will go above and beyond to ensure your team building activity goes off without a hitch.

  • We organize all the event details between you, the venue, your facilitator and any other staff who will be involved.

  • On the day of your Event, your facilitator and onsite staff, deliver the program, engage your team, and achieve your goals. (great news! this is where you’ll get to relax and have fun too!)

  • You then become Rock Star notoriety because we’re going to make sure you come off looking good.


How Is the Applied Improv Workshop Different than the Improv Workshop?

The Improv workshop feels more like an Improv class where participants will learn improv skills that will help strengthen their other skills in the workplace. The Applied Improv workshop is more of a training to hone specific skills like communication and


How much lead time do you need? 

The more time we have to prepare the better, but we can design a program for your group in less than 48hours.


What if our people just don't like group programs?

Participants will gain a greater sense of teamwork and see how their actions and contributions in the workplace affect the greater good. We’ve seen those people and know how to work with them. Typically, you’ll see most or all attendees joining within minutes. Often the ones you least expect end up taking on active roles and enjoying themselves the most. Which makes it even more fun for everyone else.


How much lead time do you need?

We’ve had clients call us six months in advance, then apologize for waiting till the last minute. We’ve had clients schedule team building activities for next week. Although you’re better contacting us with as much time as possible, we’re going to work with you to make your life and event easier.


How much do you charge?  [Request Rates]

Our program fees start at $600, but we offer many options and lots of variables to consider. After just a few questions, we can get you a ballpark quote quickly. We want to build a partnership with you so you can expect:

  • No pushy sales team

  • Help with your planning

  • Quick response times

  • Dedicated facilitators

  • A simple quote process

  • Success!


How long do your programs last?

The length of typical programs ranges from 1.5 hours up to a full day. Most programs run 3 hours or less. Our setup has potential to be quick and painless as well as the time we need to break everything down afterwards.


Can we weave our company messaging into an event?

You bet! We can creatively incorporate your tagline, new product launch theme or other branding elements into pretty much any Team Building event. Some clients even ask us to customize entire games or activities to support specific messaging. Every solution is different – we’d love to talk about yours.


Can we hold our event at The Comedy Arena?

Sure. You can come to us, or we can come to you. Many of our programs can be done at your office, depending on how much space is available. Other times another nearby venue makes more sense. We’ve staged successful events at countless hotels, restaurants, convention centers and theme parks across the country.

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