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ComedySportz [improv comedy]

A picture from a ComedySportz match
In ComedySportz®, two teams face off for laughter, applause, and points in this competitive improvised show. A referee interacts with the fans and even uses the occasional audience volunteer! [Rated: Everyone]

The CREW [Improv Comedy]

The Crew Show Logo
Specifically curated improvisers perform some of the funniest improvised scenes that’s perfect for date night, family night, or just simply that SFW content that an HR director would approve. [Rated: 13+]

Stand Up Headliners [Stand-up Comedy]

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.32.15 AM.png
Some of the nation's best Stand Up Comedians take to the stage to make you laugh! [Rated: 18+]

Stand Up Showdown [Stand-up Comedy]

Five Comics face off against one another for your enjoyment. The audience votes on which comic they like the best and whoever makes it to the end of the show wins The Stand Up Showdown and is given a cash prize! [Rated: 18+]

Mini Concerts [Live Music]

Sometimes the comedy club turns into a night club with all sorts of different bands taking the stage. Grab a bite and drink and enjoy live musical entertainment. [Rated: Everyone]

Magic Shows [Family Magic]

Experience some of DFW's best Magicians delivering high quality comedy and magic for adults and kids. Strong visual magic, clean comedy and priceless moments will leave you in awe, amazement and laughter!  [Rated: Everyone]

The Humor Games [Improv comedy]

The Humor Games Logo
Some of the nation's best Improvisers compete to determine who can win enough of the audience's love and affection in order to make it to the end of the show and win the HGTrophy!
[Rated: 18+]

FREE EVENT [Improv Play]

We play some fun improv games and you get a chance to be a part of the fun or just chill and watch the funny unfold. [Rated: 16+]


Every week is Open Mic night! A stand up comedy show for a sit down audience. Came out for some fresh comedy. You never know who might be hitting the stage.[Rated: 16+]

Funderdome [Improv comedy]

The Funderdome Logo
Funderdome where two Teams of comedians enter to compete in a series of improvised scenes and games.
[Rated: 13+]

Outdoor Comedy

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.11.17 AM.png
Come to the patio rooftop of The Comedy Arena and experience some outdoor comedy with The Comedy Arena All-Stars.

FABRICators [Puppet Improv]

The Fabricators are improvising puppets. That's right. They are fabric making up stuff. Or as they like to call it, Fabricating.​​ [Rated: Everyone]

Danger2us [Improv Comedy]

The Most Danger2us Improv Show Logo
Six improvisers will attempt the most dangerous games in improv history. Their pain will be your laughter gain.  [Rated: 18+]
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