A picture from a ComedySportz match
A ComedySportz® Match is comedy played as a sport where two teams go head-to-head in a competitive, down to the buzzer, swinging for the fences, all out, high energy, fast, fun, clean, improvisational showdown that's perfect entertainment for all audiences. All dialog spoken and scenes performed are improvised meaning they are entirely made up on the spot!
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Leave the kids at home and join us at The Comedy Arena for some, the weekend is close to over, but for us, the fun is only heating up as some of the countries funniest take the stage at 10PM to entertain you. This show changes on a weekly basis, but the comedy performed after dark is always top notch. Don't forget your BYOB!
1 Mic Stand Logo

This show features seasoned local and national stand up comics from around the country.

Six improvisers will attempt the most dangerous games in improv history. Their pain will be your laughter gain. This "Jack Ass" style show is sure to please

The Humor Games Logo

This elimination-style improv comedy show, pits some of the city's best improvisers against one another.

The Comedy Arena Crew hits the stage for some adult improv. This fast pace hilarious show is a croud pleaser. Be ready for some late night laughs.

On the Spot Logo

After doing a set from their regular killer act, each comic returns to the stage and is given only 5 seconds to look at the Never before seen topics...and GO!

This free show features new and existing stand up comics, story tellers, and musicians trying out their new material.

The FABRICators Logo

The Fabricators are improvising puppets. That's right. They are fabric making up stuff. Or as they like to call it, Fabricating.​​

Family Friendly Matinee Comedy Show

A family friendly matinee comedy show for the whole family, potentially starring your family.

Multiple Players will have a chance to direct a new, never before seen scene. A comedic scene based on what you.

Funderdome where two Teams of comedians enter to compete in a series of improvised scenes and games.

Take One Productions is coming to DFW! Come watch their high energy short form games.

No sense in wearing a toupée or hat to this show because by the end, your mind will be blown! Dean Lewis takes the stage in this mentalism, part magic, all comedy show. 

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