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It’s time to break out of your mold! Whether you’re interested in meeting new people, trying something new, or expanding your creativity, The Comedy Arena has the perfect class for you.


  1. Multiple Series Classes or Single-Day Classes of comedy learning and having a lot of fun.

  2. Our classes help with you improve your life. Benefits may include more self-confidence and the ability to go with the flow in any situation.

  3. You will walk away from the class with something tangible. Maybe a solid 5-8 minute stand up set or a script your wrote or skills that will help you grow in all the right ways whether they are for the stage or especially off.

  4. You learn numerous tips and tricks to take your skills to the next level. If you start off with no skills, then it's like gaining a super power! This could be your superhero origin story!

  5. Many of our classes offer a showcase. After your showcase, we find more reasons to get you on our stage in some capacity IF that's something you want. Many of our comedy students have joined a comedy troupe, are now teaching (here or elsewhere), are a part of our comedy roster to open for touring comics or are given more comedy showcase opportunities.

  6. FREE general admission to The Comedy Arena shows so you can learn from watching top comedians and seeing some of the best talent/comedy shows in town.

  7. Easy access to the teachers outside the class.

  8. You'll meet a lot of really neat people. Maybe, even your soulmate. No promises, but many students have met their forever scene partners in life while taking one of our comedy classes

  9. Lots of love, support and admiration allowing you to get out of your head and embrace being you.

  10. Instant acceptance into our little comedy community which just isn't the same without you.

Comedy Classes

Get bold. Get loose. Get silly.


Our Comedy Classes range from 1 day intensives to a series of 6-7 week courses that will teach you how to celebrate mistakes, take big risks, laugh, breathe, laugh again and say YES!


Let comedy grow you in all the best ways as these classes prepare you for life whether it's onstage or off. Have the next stage in your life be ours! 

The Comedy Arena Training Center 

Our goal is two-fold:

1) To cultivate the evolution of comedy by providing its students with the highest quality of professional training in improvisation, sketch and stand-up comedy in a supportive and safe space.

2) Teach skills that can be used on or off the stage for those professionals in the Arts, for those professionals in Corporate America or just anyone who is looking to gain confidence as they navigate life.

Level UP your comedy skills here

Graduated from an Intro/Level 1 or higher somewhere else? Great! We'll count that credit here too. Regardless of your background or your previous training (if any) through study and practice, we will instill in our students a passion for the creation of their own unique comedic voice and their continual evolution as comedic performers, writers or people.

Student Benefits

While enrolled in classes at The Comedy Arena, students will reap the benefits of meeting some amazing people, making friendships that will last lifetimes, seeing FREE Comedy Arena shows and partaking in what will be transformative experiences. Students may even be invited to perform in main stage shows as well as find themselves with a comedy Troupe to call their own. But the skills, tools and lessons students learn in class will be beneficially not just for on the stage, but in real-life, off the stage too. 

We hope you choose to learn with us at The Comedy Arena 

And we hope that your experience with us will be informative and fun.

Register Online – You can see all scheduled class times and if space is available through our website. Check out our full variety of classes for Adults and Kids & Teens. Once enrolled you will receive confirmation via e-mail.


Payment must be made at the time of enrollment in order to secure your spot in class. Payment plans are available. Scholarships, volunteer credits, internship, or work-study credits cannot be used retroactively. If you have a balance on your account, please reach out to for payment options.

Additional Info

SHOWSWe've got some great shows running, some of which you might be able to participate in!

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