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Blaire Postman

Stand Up Comedian

Comedian, quirky genius and generally loud person, Blaire Postman, started stand-up as a twice married, recently bankrupt, 43 year old woman on her fourth career. She's known for her explosive, fast paced delivery and comedy that often spans unusual topics.

Blaire's stand up comedy has been featured by the PBS NewsHour podcast, named "Comic of the Week '' on the hit podcast "The Jackie & Laurie Show" and streamed on dozens of NBC affiliate stations across the country. She’s also been a guest on some of the hottest podcasts including “Just Between Us”, “JV Club”, “The Dork Forest'' and the upcoming “A Superbloom with Candice King”.

You can catch Blaire headlining stand-up at comedy clubs and alt rooms in NYC, DC and around the country, or see her solo show "LADY ADHD" at theaters nationwide, including at San Francisco Sketchfest in 2023.

Blaire headlines indy clubs, features for renowned headliners at large clubs across the country, and has been selected to perform by many prestigious comedy festivals, including SF Sketchfest, Limestone, Asheville Comedy Festival and 10,000 Laughs (where she was named “Best of the Fest”). She also regularly appears at clubs and established alt comedy rooms in New York.

In addition to her high-energy “cool aunt” stage presence, she’s perhaps best known for her signature flip-chart comedy bits, including “The History of Super Bowl Halftime Shows” (though she wants you to know that she also has many excellent non-flip-chart jokes).

In June 2021, she debuted her part Stand Up, part Ted Talk one person show, “LADY ADHD” which one reviewer described as, "Imagine if all the open tabs on your computer from a weekend of spiraling down Wikipedia rabbit holes were then woven into a cogent and brutally funny theory about the brain, art, aging, Americana and The Self.”


Blaire Postman
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