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Improv skills to help virtual teams connect, communicate, and collaborate

People know us for our hilarious, fully improvised show, ComedySportz®. In our Comedy Arena Business Trainings, we teach how improv skills translate to business: thinking nimbly, supporting others, building solutions rapidly and cooperatively, and crafting and presenting engaging stories. Along the way, participants laugh, grow closer, and become a better team.

Now, we’re bringing these programs to Zoom, so all your employees can play, right from their homes!

Whether your team has just made the shift or has always been virtual, our unique mix of teambuilding and skill-building is a great way to take a break together and recharge. We can deliver these services anywhere you have people online! Our Company provides programs such as:


Lunch and Laugh (20-40 min)

Everyone needs a lunch break, but why not bond as a hub while you grub? Your Comedy Arena Business Instructor will use exercises that teach the following:

  • How to connect even when you're apart

  • Learn what really matters and where it's best to focus your attention

  • Understand how starting from a place of YES can make all the difference

  • Nothing good happens when you focus on mistakes

  • Sometimes it's about giving the Team what the Team needs vs what you need


Skills Exploration (50-60 min)

Focusing heavily on fun and camaraderie, your Comedy Arena Instructor will use improv games that teach the following:

  • Staying present for team members and customers, even online

  • Accepting and recognizing differences in each others’ circumstances

  • Supporting and giving space for each other to contribute

  • Letting go of mistakes

  • Strengthening connections between team members

Teambuilding Intensive (105-120 min)

Includes focused, one-on-one experiences that deepen understanding of one another. This program includes all the benefits of the Exploration program, but also addresses:

  • Relating to each other deeply, based on shared experiences

  • Discussing culture: Who are we as a team? What’s important to us?

  • Building a team contract for virtual co-working. What are our expectations of each other? What are our ground rules?

You will be treated to some of our most popular offerings as well as the opportunity to collaborate on a custom learning solution, perfect for you and your team.

Customer Service. Team Building. Leadership. Ideation.

Some of our previous clients include: Google. Nike. Intel. Ebay. Can't wait to add Your Company to the list.

Comedy Arena Business can design training that fits your needs and goals.

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Teen Virtual Improv Classes at your school...

The Comedy Arena brings Competitive improv to your school for fun interactive virtual competitive improv. We will teach your students the fundamentals of improv, then prep this skills for and end of year show run. We're very excited how we have been able to expand our program to the virtual online environment and wanted to share it with you.