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We’re bringing Shows and programs to Zoom,

so you can watch our shows from the comfort of your homes!

Check out one of these shows where you can make yourself at home from the comfort of your own home!

WIX_Zoom Background_V_ARENA.jpg

ComedySportz brings two teams head-to-head into your very own home. Fully interactive match.
[For Everyone]


The Mic is open to Comics to share their humor with the world. You never know who will drop in.
[For mature audiences]


Improvisors from all over the world compete in this elimination style anything goes interactive show.
[For mature audiences]


We will send a custom video joke via txt, call or email to a friend anywhere in the world.
[Send a Joke]


3 comedians will ask our special guest questions to determine if that thing about themselves is true or false
[For mature audiences]


Think of it as recess. We'll entertain your kiddos during the day with activities and fun games.
[For everyone]


Enjoy these puppets play improv games, while not playing by all of the culture  rules of society.
[For mature audiences]

LMA GAMESHOW_1200x400.jpg

The show that could feature you and you win awesome prizes! We're recreating classic game shows starring you!
[For everyone]

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