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Virtual Teen Improv Classes...Online!

The Comedy Arena brings Competitive improv to your school for fun interactive virtual competitive improv. We will teach your students the fundamentals of improv, then prep this skills for and end of year show run. We're very excited how we have been able to expand our program to the virtual online environment and wanted to share it with you. 

Coach Drop-in: 
The Comedy Arena will assign a coach to your school and they run the students through different warm ups, skill, lectures and games of competitive improv. The classes are in 45 Mins -1 Hour of instruction Blocks.  These can be during the school day, after school or on the weekends.


Coach for the Year:
Lock in your coach for four or more trainings for the year of instruction, gains you the opportunity to host a ComedySportz match at your school. We provide the Ref/host and Sound tech. We can even provide the streaming tech so friends and family and check out the match, no matter where they live. These matches are a great way to raise funds for your theater department.



ATTENTION: Drama/Theatre ISD Teachers

We can bring the program directly into your school. If you have an improv team or always wanted to build one, we can help. Contact us directly for scheduling and pricing.

Success! Message received. One of our CSz Coaches will reach out to you shortly.

ComedySportz Improv League in action

Amazing life-skill training
They think they're just having fun. However, we've found the experience can be life-changing.

  • We train your kids to produce their own improv theatre production.

  • An adult professional coach is assigned to your school all year so that your kids feel comfortable and so that you have a colleague who will work with you to help your kids grow.

  • Once your show is launched, you can perform it as often or little as you would like. It's a revenue opportunity for your school and your program. 

  • We train your student managers to step up as leaders.

  • Once the tradition is started, the returning kids will lead and teach the newer kids, and the process becomes even easier.

Fun. Transformational

ComedySportz High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances.  It encourages their individuality and provides the forum to succeed or fail in a safe environment that combines showmanship and sportsmanship.  The League provides an extracurricular activity that goes beyond stage work into everyday situations.  And the students just think they're having fun!


We play improvisation as a team sport, with two teams "competing" for audience laughs. The stage is covered in turf, there's a referee and the players are in uniform. It's not comedy about sports; it's comedy played as a sport. Because everyone knows what a sport is, there is immediate buy-in from the audience. People who have never been to the theatre before walk through the door because they're not intimidated. Because it's improvisational, it's always different, and you will have fans that come to every performance.


“Our daughter has not only developed performance skills, but has improved her self esteem, poise, leadership skills and responsibility. She has learned to think on her feet and how to function as part of a team. Thank you for your tireless dedication.” 
  St. Lucy’s Priory High School Parent (Los Angeles Area)

“Let me just say that Jesse loves this. And he's loved the classes in the past. He's a walking poster child for the benefits of improvisation. You probably don't know this, but he's on the autistic spectrum just a bit and used to have a significant lack of social skills. ComedySportz was one of the first keys to changing all that and he's blossomed since his first class. I could go on about how it's helped him develop humor, empathy, dealing with surprise, transitions, how to appropriately interact with others, and built his confidence, but really, I just want to tell you that what you are doing is very, very important. Thanks so much for making this possible!” 
  U.S. Grant High School Parent (Portland, OR)

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