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Updated: Apr 27

When The Comedy Arena opened its doors 3 years ago, all they wanted to do was create a space for artists and audiences to come, feel welcomed and laugh. In those 3 years the club has produced hundreds of shows, taught hundreds of students how to perform comedy, developed summer camps for the future comedians of tomorrow, performed in some of the largest comedy festivals in the country and have been fortunate to have other businesses and organizations hire them to facilitate team building and shows. They've seen couples get proposed to/engaged on their stage, people gain new confidence they never knew they had, and have welcomed in 3 new years with their now famous New Year's Eve show. This only scratches the surface of what they've been able to accomplish in such a short time, and they make no mistake about it. One of the reasons they've been successful is because of their audience, patrons and Arena Players.

So In March when they were forced to go dark in order to keep those same people safe, it was hard. But they decided to view that challenge as an opportunity and they took all of their shows, events and classes to the internet! The Comedy Arena went online and has produced a number of bandwidth utilizing comedy shows. One of those shows was their 3rd Year ArenaVersary show. A silly all-star format of some of their Arena Players performing improv games for points. The winner got to pick the song that would end the show which concluded with them inviting their audiences watching from home into the show and party with them. It wasn't what any of them had ever planned, but it felt good and looked good that they were still able to create an environment that would allow their vision to stay true, for their audiences, patrons, players.

Here's to the next 3 years and here's to the people like you that allow The Comedy Arena to do what they do.


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