Support The Comedy Arena during COVID-19
We are excited to announce that The Comedy Arena will be bringing Live Comedy online! That's right! Our performers will be playing ComedySportz safely from their homes and bringing the show you know and love into an online format. What's even more exciting is we will be inviting ComedySportz players from around the world to join us in head to head battles for your laughs! Thanks internet! If you would like to join in the fun, you can get a pay what you can ticket from our website now! Donations are encouraged and appreciated!


Due to Covid-19, The Comedy Arena has canceled all live events for the foreseeable future to limit the spread of the virus and to stay in line with Collin County City ordinances. Like all theatres our revenue is mostly made up of ticket sales and classes, so without being able to congregate we have effectively seen our income drop to $0.

During this time we would greatly appreciate your support. Feel free to show support by purchasing items from our Store. Send a friend in need of a Joke-A-Gram.Thank you for support! 

The Comedy Arena is happy to call McKinney home.

We are in the business of Comedy. Especially improv comedy where it’s all made up on the spot. We feel if you came in and didn’t have a good time, well then, we didn’t do our job. The Comedy Arena prides itself on producing all types of comedy styles, from sketch, to stand up, but especially improv (short-form, long-form, city style, and even competitive style which has been one of our specialty for years). 


The Comedy Arena doesn’t just put on shows, but it’s a venue that teaches students how to become comedic performers and take the stage whether for performance purposes, or just in life. 

The Comedy Arena is excited to show off other comedic talents including other Comedy Troupes (a group of people who work together independently of any theater to create their own style and show) or other performers who have a comedic voice and just need a place to display it. 


We will offer shows for audience of all ages, but there will be some after dark /later shows (i.e. The Humor Games) where you are going to want to leave the kids at home and even some experimental shows. 


The Comedy Arena is in downtown McKinney, TX just a little off the Square at 305 E. Virginia and is one of the few options that is supplying comedic entertainment every weekend of the year. We’re excited to bring live comedy to North Texas. We’re also looking forward to collaborating with our neighboring businesses to add to the thriving city that is McKinney, TX.


The Comedy Arena is available to host your private events as the arena/theater itself can be bought out for a day/night if needed. 


We can’t wait to see you, and earn your patron business. 

- The Comedy Arena

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