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Funny Business!

You might have heard by now CSz Dallas has moved into our very own Comedy Arena with a brand new field we can call our own. The support we’ve received has been overwhelming. Audiences, Students and even our Corporate Clients have been asking us how they could support the new digs and how they can have our backs. So… we thought of ideas that you can help gift us so we can get off on the right foot.

$2 - Buy a Joke!

There’s a saying that who ever invented the “knock, knock” joke deserves a “no-bell” prize. Let us tell you a knock, knock joke. Punch line and all!

$10 - Buy a Custom Joke! 

How about a joke based on YOUR single word suggestion? That’s right, you tell us what you want the joke to be about, and we’ll create a joke specifically, just for you! Hey! It’s what we do!

$15 - Buy a Personalize Thank You Video!

Sometimes, a simple thank you isn’t enough. That’s why there is the Thank you video! We’ll have at least one of our ComedySportz Troupe Players, create and send you a thank you video that you can share on your Facebook page or any Social media channel of your choice. 

• Buy a Personalize Thank You Video and you’ll also receive 1 complimentary pass to a ComedySportz match!

$25 - Buy an Autographed Poster from the Troupe! 

CSz Troupe members from around the globe have gone on to voice Simpson characters, host their own game shows, play on SNL and even create cult following television. So it’s only a matter of time before someone from our Dallas based Troupe does the same thing. Wouldn’t you want their autograph now before it’s unobtainable? Buy a CSz Dallas poster signed by the entire CSz Company. 

• Buy an Autographed Poster and you’ll also receive 1 complimentary pass to a ComedySportz match!

$50 - Buy a CSz T-Shirt!  

Clothes! Most of us wear them so we can get into restaurants and get service. Buy a CSz Dallas T-Shirt that’s perfect for date night, yard work or just showing the world you’re a person who loves live comedy. 

• Buy a CSz T-Shirt and you’ll also receive 2 complimentary passes to a ComedySportz match!

$100 - Put your name on a BRICK! 

When guests enter The Comedy Arena, they’ll see a brick wall that screams comedy club. Not literally. That would be terrifying. But what’s also terrifying is you passing up on the idea to literally put your name on a wall signifying your support. See what we did there? Doesn’t have to be your name. Brick wall namings make perfect dedication gifts too.

• Buy a Brick and you’ll also receive 6 complimentary passes to a ComedySportz match!


$200 - Put your name on a CHAIR! 

You might have heard of take a seat? What about give a seat? Audiences need somewhere to sit, right? After all, the seat is usually included in the price of admission.  Even if someone only uses the edge of his or her seat, just think, that chair is there, because of you! 

• Buy a chair and you’ll also receive 12 complimentary passes to a ComedySportz match!


$500 - Buy a CSz VIP Pass! 

The ultimate Improvisation Season Pass. When you purchase a VIP Pass, you get to enjoy a year’s worth of comedy, all on the house. We’re talking over 100 CSz Shows and we’ll even throw in something from our concession stand - your choice - at each of your visits. 

• Buy a VIP pass and you’ll also receive 20 additional complimentary passes to a ComedySportz match you can share with friends or family or eBay! 

$2 Billion - A Life Time of CSz!

That's RIGHT! For $2 Billion Dollars we will pack up the entire ComedySportz DFW troupe and move into your house and provide you with humor everyday of your natural life... We only need one! 


BUT WAIT! There’s More!

Not only will you funders have your name be etched on our website for all to see (a Google search you can be proud of), but everyone who donates to the new Comedy Arena will be invited to a special preview night before we officially open for business!  You’ll be the first to see the new space, and christen the match with your suggestions.


Fine print stuff here: The Comedy Arena – Home of ComedySportz Dallas is an LLC and these purchases are not tax deductible, but rather a gift to help support our new theater and live comedy. We really appreciate your support.  After your purchase, we will contact you to finalize the naming rights of your purchase(s)

We also feel the need to mention that while we promote creativity of the written and spoken word,

we do require the content of the naming rights to any of the aforementioned items to remain clean

and appropriate. We don’t want to have to call a ‘Potty-mouth foul” before we even open.

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