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The Comedy Arena Shows can take the road & Entertain your Private Group where ever your event!

The Crew Show Logo
A picture from a ComedySportz match
The Comedy Arena offers an incredible range of entertainment solutions, from shows that are designed for audience engagement to shows that feel like an extension of your group or business. All of our offerings can be geared and personalized towards your group/organization.

​The Comedy Arena has a touring show "The Crew" that has played almost any event you can think of including Fortune 500 holiday parties, cruise ships, faith based organizations as well as all of the milestone occasions one may want to celebrate. The Crew show is a  highly engaging show format featuring 2  to 6 comedians performing an interactive comedy show for audiences.

Bring a full "ComedySportz" match to your next event.  Encounter  comedy played as a sport where two teams of improvisational performers compete in various improv games and performing scenes, with audience members judging the results and awarding points. In every match, a ComedySportz referee monitors the action and administers fouls as necessary. This International comedy show-down is a high-energy hilarious experience, and appropriate for all audiences.
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