The Comedy Arena FAQs

1: Do your shows have assigned seats or are they General Admission?
A: Yes if you purchase tickets on line you will be sat in the order of your purchase. We will start seating around 15 minutes before show time. If you have special requirements and would like more time to be seated, or need to sit closer for vision- or hearing- related concerns, please arrive a half hour before show time and let our box office staff aware.

2: What time does your Box Office open?
A: Our Box Office at The Comedy Arena opens 30 minutes before all posted show times, but we don’t start sitting patrons until 15 minutes before show time. Our online Box Office is open 24 hours a day, however, tickets for any particular show will not be sold online 30 minutes before show time. 30 minutes prior to show time tickets must be purchased at the door. Sold Out show information will be posted at the box office and online when applicable.

3: Where do I park?
A: Currently there is parking located behind our theater which houses over 80 parking spots. We’re fortunate to be located in a city with ample free parking scattered throughout historic downtown McKinney.  


4: What are your age restrictions?
A: The Comedy Arena offers different show formats for different age groups. Our later shows are typically for mature audiences due to content and language. If you would like a recommendation or further information about the possible content or themes feel free to call our box office for details.

5: How long are your shows?
A: Our shows are about 60-90 mins long.

6: What type of shows do you feature?
A: There are a lot of different offerings, but check out for more information.

7: Do your shows have intermissions?
A: Some do. Some don't. See show specific information regarding intermissions.

8: Are you wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes! Must enter through our Performers entrance.

9: Do you serve food & drinks?
A: Yes, and it's all delicious.


10: Do you server alcohol?
A: Yes, and it's all delicious. But, please drink responsibly.

11: Do I need to bring a printout of my ticket receipt?
A: No. We only need your name at the box office to claim your ticket(s).

12: I have a free ticket, how do I use it online?
A: If your free ticket came with a barcode, simple enter that code upon checkout. However, if your free ticket does not have a bar code, you must call and reserve your seating via phone 214.769.0645 or email:

13: How much are your tickets?
A: The price varies per show, the cost for our tickets are $10-$25. depending on the show.

14: Do you ever have any discounts on tickets?
A: Yes, look and follow our social media for discounts and promo codes. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive additional offers.

15: What kind of shows does The Comedy Arena offer?
A: The Comedy Arena performs comedy shows. Sometimes this is the form of improv, but this can also be in the form of sketch, Standup Comedy, Story telling, and full on scripted productions.


16: Does The Comedy Arena offer classes?
A: Not only do we perform comedy, we teach comedy. Comedy Arena Instructors offer their extensive and vast knowledge to teach people how to perform comedy. If you think you can’t be funny or you never could…we think otherwise and would love to show you.

17: Is it true you guys are really funny?
A: You heard right! All of the groups that perform on our stage will make you laugh.

18: Where do I park?
A: You can park in the parking Garage that is located directly behind our building or street parking is available nearby.



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