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"Super funny.  Not like anything I've seen before.  You guys are so imaginative, the way you pick premises it seems like two kids playing. So joyous and infectious. So engaging you suck people in."             

-Kenan Thompson 

“Your physical comedy is amazing.  It's something I haven't seen before. How were you guys not birthed from the same womb? You are so wonderful together it's a godsend you found each other."            

-Chrissy Teigen

"You got all these laughs without saying a word and that's a special skill set.  I couldn't stop laughing, I was beating the table, and that's what [Bring The Funny] is all about."             

-Jeff Foxworthy 


As Seen On:

  • NBC’s “Bring the Funny”

  • TruTV's "Impractical Jokers"

  • TBS's "Tournament of Laughs"

  • Broadway's "Book of Mormon" 


Chris O’Neill & Paul Valenti hail from Connecticut and formed The Chris and Paul Show back in 2000, then moved together to a 16’ x 8’ studio apartment in NYC. Throughout the years they’ve honed the uncanny ability to take seemingly predictable situations and attack audiences with such twists that people are left in shock after their signature surprise endings. Now International Comedy Winners, The Chris and Paul Show have won such accolades as Best Newcomer Nominee – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Best Actor in a Comedy (Chris & Paul tied) - New York Television Festival, Best Sketch Comedy Duo - the INNY Awards, Best Newcomer - the Montreal Comedy Festival, Best Sketch Group - the New Jacks Comedy Competition, Best Sketch Group - Jackpot Sketch Festival, & Best Comedy Troupe - Chicago Snubfest Festival.  They were most recently finalists on NBC’s inaugural season of “Bring the Funny.”  



  • Al Coseglia


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