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The Chris & Paul Show workshop is a one day experience based on the extensive training that Chris and Paul adapted from clowning and pantomime. Chris and Paul concentrate on the importance of physicality in the character and how it can mold them. Also, using the silence of the stage as an advantage and building tension. Chris and Paul will guide you through the stages of crafting a performance for improvisation and sketch. We’ll teach you how to build a scene from the ground up, how to get a laugh without saying a word, how music transforms scenes, the power of silence, finding your inner clown, and much more.

★ Authenticity - Tap into familiar emotions and moments. Able to connect with the audience. Make them feel what you are feeling. 

★ Grounded characters - Play with a scene rooted in reality. Living in the moment and having true reactions to the action around the scene. 

★ Layering a scene - From start to finish we consistently add to the scene to make it more compelling through emotions, relationships and environment. 

★ Physical awareness - The importance of knowing where you are can have an impact on your character. Use what the environment gives you and see how the scene develops. 

★ Storytelling through physicality - Dialogue doesn't always tell the whole story. Showing how you feel and how you move through a scene provides character depth. 

Christopher John O’Neill is a comedian and Broadway actor, best known for playing the role of Elder Arnold Cunningham in the musical The Book of Mormon. While performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his two-man traveling comedy act, The Chris and Paul Show, O'Neill was spotted by a casting director and invited to audition for the role of Elder Cunningham. He won the 2015 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actor for the role, during the show’s run at The Kennedy Center.

Paul Valenti is a seasoned performer, writer and improviser in New York City. He has had the opportunity to perform throughout the US and in the UK. Paul also has directed numerous short plays and sketches and is an Improv coach as well. Winner of Best Actor at the NYTV Festival for the pilot of The Chris and Paul Show and Best Newcomer at The Montreal Sketch Festival. Nominated for Best Newcomer at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and proud alumnus of Second City NYC.

Taught By:

Chris O'Neill
Chris O'Neill

Chris O'Neill

Paul Valenti

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