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An Improvised Rom-Com is a Valentine's day inspired, fully improvised, romantic comedy parody where the audience gets to play Cupid! 

A team of talented improvisers interview two audience members before recreating their epic love story by drawing upon the team’s collective knowledge of rom-com tropes from your favorite 90’s and 2000’s movies.  

After the interview, watch the players re-enact their version of their love story, from their first time meeting up due to a funny mix-up at a coffee shop, to their first every love letters expressing their undying emotions, to the miscommunication about an old business partner that led to their break-up, to the near improbably rekindling of their flame after an airport chase.  

All the action is created on the spot and catered to those two audience members' personalized stories. 

Bring a date, grab some grub, and watch the Comedy Arena players recreate the ultimate Rom-Com in less than 60 minutes. 



  • Matt Decker

  • Ali Pascale

  • Kate Nickels

  • Jessamyn Berger

  • Brain Witty

  • Emily Myrick

  • Sean Patrick.



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