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Major League Players

Meet the ComedySportz Dallas Major League Players!
Click on each Player's name for full Bio and Stats.
Double Threat Players

77. Ali Pascale (Announcer)

09. Jessa Berger (Ref)
88. Chris Pettit (Announcer)

10. Patrick Murphy (Ref)

03. Jeni Eberhard (Ref)
07. Michelangelo Eberhard (Ref)

33: Tim Miller (Ref)

99. Mike Henderson (Announcer)

Triple Threat Players

86. Gary Powers (Ref | Announcer)

27. Jared Berger (Ref | Announcer)

67. Von Daniel (Ref | Announcer)
12. Jacob Browning (Ref | Announcer)

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Von Daniel
Von Daniel - No. 67

Full Name: "Obi" Von “Kenobi” Daniel
Position: Every
Player Since: 2003
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Favorite Game: #Hashtag, Fwd and Reverse
Special Skills: Reaching the top shelf for little old ladies at Target
Favorite Suggestion: “You”
Catch Phrase: “Yup”
Most likely to: Give you a hug!

Von found improv through performing stand up comedy in the late 80's. Von took his
first improv class to better his stage presents to perform stand up. At that point he was bitten
by the comedybug  and has not looked back since.

Claire Billingsley
Claire Billingsley - No. 36

Full Name: Claire "anioa" Billingsley

Position: Glass Ceiling

Player Since: 2003

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

First Role: Playing superwoman off the  top of the bookcase while my Mom was sleeping...until the bookcase fell

Favorite Games: Forward/Reverse & Moving Bodies

Special Skills: Pig calls, loud whistling, falling up stairs, tripping over carpet, paranioa (thus her name)

Favorite Suggestion: Specifically Anything

Catch Phrase: Yes, and....

Most Likely to Be: The Peacemaker

Claire has been laughed at all her life, and finally found her alien nation. She discovered improv while fine tunring her training skills, and found a place where her goofyness and clumsiness worked to her advantage.  Claire is ashamed to admit she has been written up at work for laughing too loudd, having too much fun, and thanking people too much. 

Sheila Rosenburg - No. 28

Full Name: Sheila “stop and smell the” Rosenberg
Position: facing Neiman’s
Player since: 2003
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
First Role: Dancing in Mrs. Parrish’s 3rd grade class play with no music playing because the tape recorder broke.
Favorite games: 5 Things, Arms Expert
Special Skills: staying out of the kitchen, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I’m really great at napping. Trust me, I’m an award winning napper.
Favorite Suggestion: when asked for a dangerous occupation an audience member yelled “Germany”

Sheila always enjoyed making people laugh and in the middle of seeing her first CSz show she thought “Hmmm…I can do this!”. She walked through the doors at her first workshop and knew her life would change forever. She also wrote a humor column called “Stretch Remarks” and was thrilled to only receive 2 complaints! Among her many fantasies…yeah, you know who you are! to pick up her pen and write again, seeing her book on display at Barnes & Noble. Some days you can find her hiding under her bed eating marshmallows while trying to figure out how to pay college tuition for her 2 sons.

Ellen Lee
Ali Pascale  - No. 77

Full Name: 


Player Since 2019


First Role: 

Favorite Game: 

Special Skills: 

Favorite Suggestion: 

William DeButts
William DeButts - No. 83

Full Name: William “kicking” DeButts
Position: Head Stands
Player Since: 2006
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Favorite Game: Three Things
Special Skills: Driving Fast, Mad Kung-Fu Skills, Making a killer PB & J
Favorite Suggestion: Fire Fighter


William DeButts is an award-winning actor that has been performing comedy since 2006. From stand-up to Shakespeare, William has graced local stages and impressed audiences both large and small. Focusing mainly on improv, William has shared the stage with the sharpest improvisers from Dallas to Fort Worth.

Manuel Morales
Manuel Morales - No. 66

Full Name: Manuel "Adobo" Morales
Position: groundskeeper
Player Since: 2008
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
First role: Santa Claus, in first grade.
Favorite Game: Forward and Reverse
Special Skills: Jumping through hoops
Favorite Suggestion: Go jump in the lake!
Catch Phrase: Ah Yeah
Most likely to: Be grumpy in the morning

Manuel started his performance training in NYC and after a 19 year hiatus, he discovered improv while taking workshops at a local Dallas acting school. He has been in love with improv ever since and highly recommends you try a workshop or two! Improv is a great way to stretch your mental muscles!

Jared Berger
Jared Berger  - No. 27

Position: Always play the Center Square first
Player Since: 2009
Hometown: Originally, Sugar Land, TX
First Role: Somersault followed by King Not So Charming Anymore
Favorite Game: Replay at Bernies, Jeopardy
Special Skills: Pre-movie-trailer-theatre trivia, ranking the best burger joints in Dallas, discovering viral videos before they’ve gone viral, remember my wife’s birthday, anniversary and when it’s time to buy more toilet paper. • Mostly Likely To: initiate a scene as if his character was repelling from a high altitude

Jared had high aspirations of being a part of a wealthy family who would lose everything, and as the one son he would have no choice but to keep them all together. Instead, he found a life of comedy with the brilliant talents of Locked OUT Comedy, now ComedySportz. It’s like the joke about the guy who goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doc, my brother's crazy; he thinks he's a chicken." And, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs." That’s pretty much how he feel about this amazing and funny Troupe of Players. Y'know, like magic they can perform scenes that can be totally irrational, crazy, and absurd... but, he loves playing with CSz because...he needs the eggs.

jessa Berger
Jessa Berger  - No. 09

Name: Jessa "Minute" Berger
Position: Pro Laugh
Player Since: 2010
Hometown: College Station, Texas
Favorite Game: Hide and Go Seek (I'm playing it right now)
Special Skills: Drinking tea with pinkies pointing up
Favorite Suggestion: Lemur
Most Likely To: Impersonate Gandalf in a scene

Jessa loves playing, and has always shared that trait with puppies. She has been improvising for four years now, and is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House's long form program. She has also received training from the Annoyance Theatre, IO, Comedy Sportz and The Hideout Theatre in Austin. She loves her city (Dallas), this troupe (Comedy Sportz) and her husband (should have mentioned that first).

Jeni Eberhard
Jeni Eberhard  - No. 03

Position: Foot in mouth
Player Since: 2011
Hometown: McKinney
First Role: Age 3, singing onstage, holding my dress up in front of my face the whole time.
Favorite Game: Shakespeare blind line
Special Skills: inhaling junior mints, birthing babies, trying to keep up in Zumba class, avoiding ironing
Favorite Suggestion: Let's go get chips and salsa

Jeni has been a theatre and speech teacher in the DFW area for over 17 years. She loves getting to combine two of her biggest passions, theatre and working with youth, and actually get paid for it. (albeit not that much...yeah government jobs!) She is a proud mom to five crazy cool kids and a wife to a crazy cool man.

Gary Powers
Gary Powers  - No. 86

Full Name: Gary "Super" Powers
Position: Comedy Assassin
Player Since: 2011
Hometown: Allen
First Role: The Reluctant Dragon (Boy)
Favorite Game: Joke Medley and Oxygen Deprivation
Special Skills: Nunchuck, Bo-Hunting, and Computer Hacking
Worst Skill: S'more maker
Favorite Suggestion: Shark Lumberjack (a guy who hunts sharks with an axe)
Mostly Likely To: Leave the stage and come eat your cookies, especially peanut butter cookies.

Bio: In 1972 Gary was member of a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime he didn't commit. He promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Super Powers.

Mike Eberhard
Michelangelo Eberhard - No. 07

Position: Perpetually situated
Player Since: 2011
Hometown: Kechi, Ks.
First Role: Portraying an Olympic gymnast while in my mother's womb.
Favorite Game: forward and reverse
Special Skills: Throwing my body around onstage for the amusement of others.
Favorite Suggestion: "Why don't you rest honey, I'll take out the garbage."
-my wife

Mike first got into improv when he helped start a troupe in high school and has been legally obligated ever since. He moved to Texas in 2010, and joined Locked Out Comedy where he met his wife.


"Thanks improv!"

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - No. 10

Full Name: Sean Patrick Murphy
Position: Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker
Player Since: 2014
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
First Role: Croissant
Favorite Game: YOUtube it!
Special Skills: Saying awkward things with a straight face, always having fun, and hugging.
Favorite Suggestion: pterodactyl

Patrick is psyched to be with ComedySportz Dallas. As a former stand-up and graduate of Dallas Comedy House, Sean brings his creative spirit and can do attitude to any stage.

Jacob Browning - No. 12

Full Name: Jacob "tan is not" Browning
Position: Wild Card
Player Since: 2014
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Favorite Games: Half Life, Forward Reverse
Special Skills: Playing ukulele, terrible dancing, never growing up, creating and performing with puppets
Most likely to: Eat all the pie!

Jacob is a stage, film and (his personal favorite) voice actor. And when he's not performing funny voices in your video games and cartoons, he's on stage making you laugh. Jacob moved to Dallas in 2014 and has the life-long mission to "make ALL the friends" and work to grow the art community and interest in DFW. He's also looking for pizza like he used to eat in the Midwest...sooo...let a brotha know.

Nicole Endicott - No. 06

Full Name: Nicole "Sittin on the edge of her" Endicott
Position: Center Twirler
Player Since: 2014 
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
First Role: 5-year old disgruntled tap dancer
Favorite Game: Subtitles
Special Skills: undistinguishable accents, prancing, over-girliness and always laughing
Favorite Suggestion: Glitter ponies and rainbow sprinkles

Nicole started improv 2012 years ago after fellow CSz member Jacob assured her that there would be cookies after an Improv Meetup in Columbus Ohio. She moved to Dallas after being convinced that Texas was the birthplace of cookies. Nicole will pretty much believe in or do anything if there are cookies involved.

Billy Betsill
Dani King  - No. 08

Full Name: Danielle "Jo" King

Position: War Admiral: 

Player Since: 2019

Hometown: Anna, TX

Favorite Game: Subtext and This Just In

Special Skills: Blinking in photos

Favorite Suggestion: crippling depression, tuberculosis

Most likely to: Talk about horses.


Danielle is a professional actress, model, and improviser. In 2016, Dani discovered improv and fell in love with the artform immediately. When she's not performing you can find her annoying her husband, reading, riding horses, and working out. 

Ethan Gallardo - No. 24

Full Name: Ethan Gallardo

Position: Rude dude with a lot of ‘tude! Player

Since: 2016

Hometown: McAllen, TX

Favorite Game: Alphabet Game, Do-Rap

First Role: Magical anime school-girl

Special Skills: Ingesting more caffeine than any human should ever attempt to Favorite Suggestion: Bee Movie

Most likely to: Start a death-metal band.


Ethan is an actor/performer who has been involved in numerous productions since 2010. Aside from improv, Ethan primarily works in voice over, providing voices for anime and other animated projects.

Chris Pettit - No. 88

Full name: Chris "Cross" Pettit
Position: Second star to the right
Player Since: 2016
Hometown: Katy, TX
First Role: a kid who actually did his homework
Favorite Game: 4 Things
Special Skills: overthinking simple concepts
Favorite Suggestion: You're killin' me smalls!

Chris has had an on-and-off relationship with the stage, from saxophone, to guitar/singing, to musical theatre since early grade school. In the end, the theatre bits won out and Chris has been addicted ever since. A former team member/captain from the Houston CSz high school league, Chris is ecstatic to have finally made the big leagues!

Liz Barksdale - No. 14

Full Name: Liz “Her bite is about the same as her” Barksdale
Position: In the conservatory with the candle stick
Player Since: 2016
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Favorite Games: Bad Kitty, Blind Line, Doo Run Run, Objection, Dinner at Joe’s
Special Skills: Obscure references, deadpan delivery, $7 words, trying to stand on one leg
Favorite suggestion: Yak, fishbowl, gluten-free, existentialism

Librarian by day, comedian by night, and pretty chill most of the time, Liz got into improv in 2012 and has done a whole bunch since then. She’s taken classes and worked with The Alternative Comedy Theater, Dallas Comedy House, and  TheMurder Mystery Company. For a period of time, she was also in an independent troupe that performed at a German restaurant where they were reimbursed with vouchers for sauerkraut. Those were the days. Liz is happy to be a part of ComedySportz Dallas!

Alex Mai - No. 21

Full Name: Alex "Me-Oh" Mai
Player Since: 2016

Position: Straight down the middle

Player Since: 2016

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Favorite Games: Bad Kitty, New Choice, Ref and the Sound Guy Mess with you. Favorite Suggestion: Cher

Most likely to: Break


In 2014, Alex escaped from the alligator ridden dangly-part of America, and found his way to the great state of Texas. Plagued by nightmares of when he wasn't allowed to participate in the 3rd grade Christmas pageant, Alex spends his time auditioning for the role he never got. He also does some Improv.

Tim Miller - No. 33

Name: Tim "The Thriller" Miller

Position: Yes

Hometown: Little ditty about Tim, an American kid growin' up in the heartland.

First Role: Child Anakin Skywalker

Favorite Games: 5 Things, Musical, Blind Line

Special Skills: Sitting, looking, standing (but not too long)

Favorite Suggestion: When the crowd was asked to yell out consonants, someone yelled "Asia!"

Most likely to: throw a chair

MIKE H_B.jpg
Mike Henderson - No. 99

Name: Mike "a Boss" Henderson
Position: Filler Character 
Player Since: 2017
Hometown: An island that exists only in your heart.

First Role: Curtis Jackson (Ducktails and Bobbysox) 
Favorite Games: Beastie Rap, 4 Things, Tinder Swipe, I Kissed A..., Objection
Special Skills: Vogue Dancing, Casting Magic Missile, Wearing Hats
Favorite Suggestion: Abraham Lincoln, crab, helicopter chihuahuas

Most likely to: Consume three energy drinks before shows

Bio: Originally being a student of DC Improv in Washington, DC, Mike heard of a magical improv group called ComedySportz.  He soon worked his way into the ranks CSz Dallas by bribing Von with a huge pot of gold that he had lifted off of a sleeping leprechaun. The rest is history left to be written...


When not wearing his signature backwards cap on stage, Mike spends his time as an amateur voice actor and board game enthusiast.

Mike H
Cory Phillips - No. 25

Name: Cory J. Phillips

Position: Impersonator

Player Since: 2018

Hometown: Verdigris, OK

First Role: The Devil (for real.. It was a church drama)

Favorite Game: Actor’s Worst Nightmare

Special Skills: Being stubbornly committed to things

Favorite Suggestion: Mid-life Crisis Chameleons

Most Likely To: Yell compliments at strangers


Bio: Cory is a full time professional actor / voice actor since 2010. He found performance at a young age in church dramas, and he decided that was what his life was gonna be. He was introduced to improv in high school by his mentor Will Rice, and from there he was hooked.  He has been training and studying improv since he was was 17 and started and runs his own troupe since 2007. Now he can be found performing with ComedySportz DFW and Take One Improv, acting in commercials/films, and voice acting in anime and video games.

BenJamin Morin - No. 42

Full Name: BenJamin Morin

Position: Fetal

Player Since 2018

Hometown: Newport, VT 

First Role: Singing Jesse's Girl at the top of my lungs in Church at age 4

Favorite Game: Mousetrap and Blind Line

Special Skills: Foam Archery and lock picking

Favorite Suggestion: Baby Shark


BenJamin got into making people laugh when his brother and sister turned out to be major disappointments in that area and his parents couldn't afford cable.  After 18 years of a captive audience, he decided it was time to expand. After touring the college circuit for 15 years, he finally settled in DFW where he discovered improv.  Ever since it has been his greatest pleasure to perform and learn from the great improvisers in the area.

Brenda Geraghty - No. 13

Hometown: 1-5 corridor, OR and WA

Player Since 2018

Favorite Game: Anything BUT Monopoly or Jenga

Special Skills: deciphering between real and fake crying, ignoring both

Favorite Suggestion: ghosts

Most Likely To: speak exclusively in "Moo"


Brenda is mostly a total mom. She even makes her own pickles and bring snacks whenever she's invited somewhere. Her theater hails from the Hillsboro High School district where she took and loved every theater and choir class and only tolerated the rest. She got her BA in Cultural Anthropology and she loves people, especially the weird ones. She, herself, is a full blown weirdo and is thankful that CSz has allowed her to parade her wierdness on a stage.


JP Kearney - No. 22

Full Name: 


Player Since 2017[Again]


First Role: 

Favorite Game: 

Special Skills: 

Favorite Suggestion: 


Matt Decker - No. 00

Full Name: 


Player Since 2017


First Role: 

Favorite Game: 

Special Skills: 

Favorite Suggestion: 


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