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Training & Teambuilding at Work 

The Comedy Arena has delivered successful training to employees in every known industry, from network execs to nuns, from lawyers to lumberjacks to high-tech engineers. We’ve been hired by at least 65 of this year's Fortune 500 companies, often repeatedly.

From valuable and customizable training using Applied Improvisation, to the entertaining and hilarious shows like ComedySportz® at your event, to projects where you need the talent and funny, The Comedy Arena can help make you look like the awesome genius we know you are.

Applied Improv

As performers, we use our improvisation skills onstage to get people laughing. Conveniently, offstage, we use them to run a successful business. We specialize in teaching people HOW to use improvisation techniques in their corporate and work lives. We teach the essential, yet often overlooked or discarded, communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work, home and social relationships. We call this Applied Improvisation.

Our Approach

It's all about having fun and laughing together.

When things are fun, our brains retain more, we’re more effective in the task at hand and create positive connections to the material being taught. Our coaches are professional, fun, and create safe and supportive environments from minute 1.


We'll partner in small and large groups

  • Multiple small group exercises and partner work allow team members to connect and grow relationships while building trust in themselves and each other.

  • Large group exercises allow team members to practice collaborating in real-time and adjust what we call soft focus - the big-picture reminder of how their contributions and presence have an impact.


It's non-competitive 

When it comes to teams working together, leading with a supportive, non-competitive experience supports a low-stakes learning environment where participants can practice the skills, free of judgment and critique.


No performing 

Improv workshops differ from “doing improv comedy” in that the goal is to learn & practice in the context of a professional setting (vs. entertainment). Improv workshops maintain an environment free of performing, to set all attendees up for success and support.

Something Fun for Your Company

Perhaps a company party, award ceremony, or conference? Choose from one of our many options that suite your organization the best.  We can even customize our shows and programs to your group for a more personal experience. We can provide event planning consulting services and professional hosts/MCs to make your event smooth and upbeat. We provide the perfect solution for your meetings, seminars, conventions, parties or any event where you want entertainment that leaves people laughing while offending no one. Need it catered? We can do that too.

Some of the Great Companies We've Partnered With

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