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Lenny Vanhorn

Stand Up Comedian

A comedian from the Midwest, Lenny Vanhorn's comedy is relateable with material centered around a simple upbringing, partying through his formative years & reconciling with his adult self. You're going to love it.

Lenny was runner up in OKC's funniest person! So should anything happen to OKC's funniest person, he gets to step in. He is a three-time winner of Ricky Shaw's funniest comedian contest! He has worked with Greg Warren, Dusty Slay, Ryan Niemiller, In Living Color's Tommy Davidson, SNL's Chris Kattan and most recently SNL's Jon Lovitz. He recently went on a national tour with Dustin Sims and is a crowd favorite throughout the US's comedy clubs and casinos! 


Lenny Vanhorn
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