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We are excited to announce that The Comedy Arena will be bringing Live Comedy online! That's right! Our performers will be playing ComedySportz safely from their homes and bringing the show you know and love into an online format. What's even more exciting is we will be inviting ComedySportz players from around the world to join us in head to head battles for your laughs! Thanks internet! If you would like to join in the fun, you can get a free ticket from our website now or you can watch the live stream! Donations are encouraged and appreciated!


Due to Covid-19, The Comedy Arena has canceled all live events for the foreseeable future to limit the spread of the virus and to stay in line with Collin County City ordinances. Like all theatres our revenue is mostly made up of ticket sales and classes, so without being able to congregate we have effectively seen our income drop to $0.

During this time we would greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you for support! 

The Comedy Arena
Home of ComedySportz

All comedy. All the time. Get your laugh fix here, at our comedy club, The Comedy Arena, where being funny is taken seriously. Our Comedy Theater's stage is the host to all types of comedy: stand-up, sketch and a whole LOT of improv.

See the best of the best improvisers and comedians making jokes up on the spot, creating characters and scenes, inspired by YOU and your suggestions. The Comedy Arena is excited to be the home to the internationally renowned Comedy Troupe, CSz DFW, who perform weekly ComedySportz matches. Established in 1984 and played all over the world, ComedySportz is comedy show for all audiences, that's comedy played as sport, where the improvisers compete in Teams against one another for laughs and points.

The Comedy Arena offers a variety of shows and classes through out the week. Whether you want to see a live comedy show OR want to perform in a live comedy show, The Comedy Arena can make it happen! We are excited to offer talents from all over the Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, as well as grow those hidden talents of our neighbors and friends from down the street.


Whether you are in our audience or on our stage, we make it our job to make your day better with laughter. Ready to laugh again? Come join us at The Comedy Arena. We're saving a spot for you.

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